I was failing in class, but thanks to Francis, I was able to do well for my exams. He has always been helpful and willing to sacrifice his time for me when I need it. He is patient as well and is the best tuition teacher I ever had!

Jonathan Long, 2005-2008, E.Maths, Science (Physics/Chemistry)
Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

7 years ago, Francis helped me ace my A and E math for O levels. He was always patient and explained each topic that I was weak in in ways that I could understand well. He always knew which topics to work on, which really helped me focus my studying for the exams. He genuinely cared about my grades and progress and always stayed past the hours that he was paid for if I needed help, or if there was an upcoming test. Lessons with him were never boring and he instilled an appreciation for mathematics in me. He is a truly great tuition teacher and you will be hard pressed to find a better one.

Perlyn Long, 2006, A.Maths, E. Maths

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

I have been Koon Yeow's student for about 3 years since the year 2010. He had been a great help to me in Mathematics and Science as I prepared for my GCE 'O' and 'A' Levels examinations. Koon Yeow is a wonderful tutor who is fully committed to the students he tutors, understanding them and their preferred methods of learning and adapting his teachings accordingly to suit their needs, to maximise their learning and understanding. Koon Yeow had also kept me well motivated by giving genuine encouragement and rewarding me at times for my studying. Personally, he has also been a good friend to me, relating to my interests and this had at the same time served as more motivation for me to work hard in tuition. Because of his excellent tutoring, my parents have also arranged for Koon Yeow to continue to help by tutoring my younger sibling. In conclusion, Koon Yeow's commitment and great knowledge of what he teaches are some good points he has that can make him an effective tutor and also a good personal friend to his students.

Bryan Soh Jing Yu, 2010-2012, E.Maths, A.Maths, Science (Physics-Chemistry), H2 Maths, H2 Chemistry
St Gabriel's Secondary School

As a parent, I found Francis to be a dedicated and patient tutor. He is good in helping his students build strong foundations in the respective subjects he taught. Moreover, he has innovative methods of addressing their weak areas in the various subjects. During the 8 years that he tutored my two children, he has proven to be capable of motivating them to achieve their personal best, in both Secondary School and Junior College. My son and daughter have secured places in local universities, majoring in Engineering and Accountancy respectively.

Angela’s children was taught by Francis from 2005 – 2012 from Pri 5 till JC2. Subjects taught include PSLE Maths, E.Maths, A.Maths, Physics, Chemistry, H2 Maths, H2 Chemistry
Angela Wong, Mother

During the years that I’ve been taught by Francis, I felt that he has been a patient, friendly and approachable tutor. He had creative methods to address my areas of weakness in the various subjects that he taught me, such as Elementary and Additional Mathematics, as well as Chemistry and Physics. Apart from being excellent at his tutoring, Francis is also a good listener and encourager.

Jonathan Loh, 2005-2010, Chemistry, Physics, E.Maths, A.Maths, H2 Maths & H2 Chemistry
Greenview Secondary School

I was at first skeptical but after a few lessons I was convinced that Francis was committed to seeing me not only to pass the subject, but excel in it as well. In the next exam, I scored better and though it was only a C6, I was praised by my teacher who was pleased that I had passed. Francis is great at explaining concepts and ensuring essential information is not easily forgotten.

Samuel eventually scored a B3 for his 'O' Levels Exam, an improvement of 4 grades before he started with Breeze Education.

Samuel, 2014, Chemistry

Through the year Francis has taught me, I have looked forward to every lesson with him. His skills to change long text book information into summarized and very effective notes and points are incredibly helpful for tests and examinations. Every lesson was enjoyable and spirit lifting, for he made subjects interesting and engaging. He helped me to understand topics in Science Chemistry and Biology much clearer. I consider myself to be very fortunate that he had tutor me and he is a good friend to me. Any student under his guidance is truly blessed.

Nicholas, 2013, Science (Chemistry-Biology)
 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

Francis is an extremely patient and dedicated tutor. If there's a concept I couldn't grasp, he would attempt innovative ways and analogies to help me understand. I was more motivated to study once the previously-daunting subjects become less intimidating under his tutelage. I am honored to have had him coach me.

Zhao Yi, 2003, Additional Mathematics
Raffles Institution

Throughout my P6 year, Dr Francis has guided me through the easy and very often tough concepts of Mathematics. Now as a secondary 2 pupil, he continues to inspire me to do better and his wonderful style of teaching will continue to aid me in the future as well. He is an avid teacher and is definitely someone who should be teaching your child.

This testimonial was written in 2015.

Isabella, 2013-2017, P6 Maths, E.Maths, A.Maths, Chemistry
Balestier Hill Primary School/Saint Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

Dr Francis is a patient and friendly tutor who is willing to sacrifice his time for me. He always encourage me and answers all my queries. He teaches in a way that allows me to understand concepts easily. If not for him, I won't be able to do well for my exams.

Zhi Xuan, 2013, Chemistry
Bukit Batok Secondary School

Francis was patient and always had the right analogies to help me understand the mathematical concepts. He really helped me with my O Levels! Thank you!

Wei Jie scored a distinction for A.Maths in the 'O' Levels.
Wei Jie, 2003, Additional Mathematics
 Raffles Institution

Dr Francis has been helping me in both Maths and Science for the past 5 years. I have scored high marks for both subjects as his teaching method is very useful and applicable even in the hardest of questions. He focuses on making sure that I understand and remember the concepts. He is also very caring and would usually ask how I was doing in school and will reward me for my good performance. I find it easy to understand his lesson and am secure with the knowledge that he will help me in resolving questions that I have or need some assistance in my homework.

Malcolm Ng, 2014-Present, Maths, Science, A. Maths, Chemistry and Physics

 Red Swastika School, Meridian Secondary School

Dr Francis was recommended as a tutor for me through my mum's friends. He have taught me for 5 years in upper primary and secondary school. He helped me to understand the preferred method to solve a question. He is very friendly and patient and drilled me many times until I was able to tackle the area well. I am happy that I manage to get my desired grades with the help from him.

Javier Ng, 2014-2018, Maths and Science
Red Swastika School, Hai Sing Catholic School

I enrolled into Dr Francis chemistry class during Sec 4. Dr Francis sparked my interest in Chemistry and taught me on exam techniques and how to prepare for my exam. He is experienced and knows where the problematic areas are and this have eased my exam stress and helped me improve my grade tremendously. This has gone a long way to helping me feel confident about studying again. Dr Francis is patient, organised and systematic. He is creative and innovative and will use analogies to aid my understanding of the subject. Lesson was fruitful and I feel comfortable about asking questions.

Felicia, 2015, Chemistry
Woodsgrove Secondary School

The lesson was easy to follow and I benefit from it. I am now more confident in handling questions on number sequence in the exam. The lesson is organised and systematic and there are sufficient practise questions. The questions and skill sets are arranged from easy to difficult. Dr Francis is focused, friendly and approachable. Overall, I find the lesson very detailed, although the concepts are hard, the explanation was vivid.

Ethan Yong, 2019, One-time lesson (Number Sequence in Problem Sums)
St Gabriel’s Secondary School